Thursday, October 21, 2004

Triumph Dumps on Flaks

I've been a fan of the subtle drollery of Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog (a Conan O'Brien regular -- a hand puppet animated by Robert Smigel) for years. Somehow he got into the Spin Room after the third Presidential debate and elevated the discourse there. Conan played his piece tonight.

Here are some of his best moments:

Karl Rove

To Karl Rove: "So, you're Bush's Brain? I was expecting a much smaller man."

Republican flak Carter Eskew Correction: Tucker Eskew

Eskew: "You're insulting me and you've got a hand up your butt?"
Triumph: "And you don't?"

And, to Eskew: "How painful was it when the doctor removed your sense of shame?"

Linda Lingle

To Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle (R):

"Bush was better tonight. I liked the strategy of replacing stuttering with stammering."


"Thank you for your time. Have a safe trip back to Stepford."


To Ralph Reed: "Come on, Ralph. Gay rights. If you're going to be against gay rights, then you better take out that pole up your ass."

To Paul Begala, who had commented on Triumph being a puppet: "No self -respecting man would go to an event like this and prop up a puppet. Except, maybe, for Dick Cheney."

[EDIT: A Commenter tells me that Eskew's first name is Carter. Thanks.

Also a video file is up at I'm Just Sayin'. Very nice. Thanks to Wonkette for the pointer. ]

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Anonymous said...

This is excellent stuff! Thanks for posting it.

One correction: That's Bush flak Tucker Eskew, not Carter Eskew. (He and his wife are acquaintances of mine.)

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