Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Kerry Ads Draw on Saudis for New Attack on Bushes

Kerry and a 527 are going to blast Bush on his connections with the Saudis.

Of course, the winger spin whenever the Bush - Saud connection is pointed out is "It's Michael Moore conspiracy theory."

Well I was saying that the Dems should point out Bush's connection with the Saudis a couple years ago, well before I'd even heard of Moore's movie.

The ridiculous winger jokes about Kerry looking (or acting) French only make it more appropos. As I said when Kerry locked up the nomination "Well, one country Americans hate more than France is Saudi Arabia, and Bush is thick as thieves with that medieval monarchy."

And the wingers can complain about conspiracy theories all they want, but Michael Moore didn't photoshop this image:

Bush holding hands with a member of the Saudi royal family, one of the most thuggish theocracies on earth, and a longstanding supporter of terrorism against America.

Maybe Bush will be asked about how close he is with the Saudis by someone who knows the vast connections between the Saud and Bush families. Not likely? Well then, Kerry should point it out in advertisements.

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