Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Election-Stealing by the RNC

Nick Confessore has a depressing post the lays out the fetid shitstorm we can expect from the RNC about voters and voting in this election.

I would like to point out that while RNC flak Ed Gillespie says that "fictional characters" such as Dick Tracy and Mary Poppins are registering to vote, there are "reality-based" people by these names too.

There are at least 16 people in the US with the name Dick Tracy who have listed phone numbers (no doubt more are unlisted). And there are at least two Mary Poppins with listed phone numbers, as well.

The larger issue is that these tactics are nothing new for Karl Rove. To find out the specifics of Rove's attempts to change elections when the votes don't go his way, look a Joshua Green's article about Rove in the Atlantic.

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