Friday, October 29, 2004

Some Liberator

USATODAY writes: "A survey of 2,000 Iraqis around the country conducted last week by the Iraq Center for Research and Strategic Studies in Baghdad shows 58% of Iraqis say they don't care who wins the U.S. presidential elections. Of those who do care, 22.5% prefer Democratic candidate Sen. John Kerry and 16% prefer President Bush."

Lessee, $200 billion dollars divided by 25 million (roughly the population of Iraq) means that Bush will soon have spent about $8,000 per Iraqi.

And they still don't like the guy.

I suppose if the money were actually going to help the Iraqi people rather than corporations like Halliburton things might be different.

And Bush might be more popular if tens of thousands of Iraqis hadn't died in the war so far. Mass death kind of turns people off.

[Poll link via Americablog .]

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