Friday, October 08, 2004

Second Debate Pictures

Screenshots from the second debate. Add your own captions in the comments!

Genius! (He really does look like Alfred E. Neuman in this one.)

Nickname: Short Bastard?

Can I appear to think?

Where's the cuspidor?

Heh. I farted. Petulantly.

Nickname: Arrogant bastard?

If he hated Al Qaeda as much as he hated that question, America would be much safer.

Man, I'm so busted.

Blinky blinky. (He's strong in those eye muscles, at least.)

Man, I'm really gonna lose.

This is my smart face. I think.

Tired and stupid. Four more years!

I realize the screenshots from the first debate show more of Bush's unattractive characteristics. And maybe funnier, too. Here are pictures from the first debate.


servant said...

It's hard to show him grinding his teeth and blinking in stills. The camera lies. He looked much dumber

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
riffle said...

re the posts above:

Re the second (removed) post: Don't post phone numbers and/or addresses. They will be removed.

Re the first post: I agree that video is better at showing how poorly Bush did. I may do that in the future.

Anonymous said...

Color me edified. Having intended to vote Bush until I read your punctilious and phrenic analysis, I am now set straight. Vote Kerry - he's tall!

Anonymous said...

You Kerry Folks have been into the "crack Pipe" too much lately. I mean this guy don't know when to give it up! everyone knows he's going down next month. I just wonder how many more times he will change his position on things? We've got some bets going around these parts and I'm betting he will "waffle" 6 more times about Iraq before election day...LOL
All you have to do is ask anyone in the armed sevices whos got their vote and a overwhelmingly number will say "Our commander in chief"

Anonymous said...


Kerry is the more distinguished of the two. see for your self!

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