Saturday, October 30, 2004

Kick Ass and Take Names

Josh Marshall speaks wisely:
Another way I've noticed this over the years is that Republicans are usually far more confident that their candidates are going to win given races, whether polls give reason for the confidence or not, whether the eventual outcome bears out the confidence or not.

Democrats could use more of that.


If you're a Democrat and you notice your fellow Democrats dipping into these spasms of fecklessness and weak-kneedism, as I've described above, I strongly encourage to slap them around a few times and tell them to get a hold of themselves. If you're experiencing such spasms, by all means, slap yourself a few times and tell yourself the same thing.
Bush has totally screwed up our response to 9/11 after Afghanistan (a war which "any conceivable President," as Richard Clarke put it, would have fought.)
  • Bush didn't focus on getting bin Laden back when it would have counted -- before it was a franchise ideology.
  • Bush relied on fickle Afghan warlords to try and catch bin Laden.
  • Bush diverted money, materiel, and troops, especially troops with language and cultural skills, away from Afghanistan to Iraq back when capturing bin Laden and al Zawahiri would have mattered.
  • Bush has stretched our military to the breaking point in a war of choice -- a war we did not have to fight -- in Iraq.
In his video, bin Laden looked hale and hearty. He should have been dead and rotting (or at least captured and imprisoned). He was speaking not to America but to the countless people in Muslim countries who he can now better recruit since Americans are viewed (through the lens of Iraqi civilian deaths, Abu Ghraib, and "invading an oil rich Arab country") as repressers of Arabs.

Bush is a strategic and tactical failure as a Commander in Chief, but he's become a great recruiter for al Qaeda. Bin Laden loves him for that

Also, bin Laden probably owes his life to the inept way that Bush prosecuted the war in Afghanistan.

Bush sucks. OBL's tape doesn't change that fact, it only emphasizes it.

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