Friday, October 29, 2004

Psychological Warfare

Ken Layne delivers a stem-winder that moves from the new Homeland Security Department intell head telling us we'll have to "abridge individual rights" to an exegesis of the power of Eminem's "Mosh" video, and how the corporate media have to play the damned thing, like it or not. Along the way we get, for example, this:
It's war all the time. Let those bastards get another four years -- and they may get those years -- and next time will be a little bit different. Worrying about "John Kerry" is like worrying about what sort of steak you'd like as you die of starvation in a cave. Get rid of these people, folks. Get rid of them so you can, hopefully, safely ignore (or take part in) the next elections.
I learned that Eminem now has his own channel on Sirius Satellite Radio, and that :
Eminem will be on SNL this Saturday ... from retard gal who can't even lip-sync to furious dude who just might throw the election, all in seven short days. These are weird times.
That video really is powerful. If you haven't seen it yet, try here or here. Stick with it to the end.

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