Thursday, October 21, 2004


Bush's supporters are so very weak on the facts. From the Program on International Policy Attributes (PIPA) report:
Even after the final report of Charles Duelfer to Congress saying that Iraq did not have a significant WMD program, 72% of Bush supporters continue to believe that Iraq had actual WMD (47%) [wrong] or a major program for developing them (25%) [wrong]. Fifty-six percent assume that most experts believe Iraq had actual WMD [wrong] and 57% also assume, incorrectly, that Duelfer concluded Iraq had at least a major WMD program [wrong]. Kerry supporters hold opposite beliefs on all these points.

Similarly, 75% of Bush supporters continue to believe that Iraq was providing substantial support to al Qaeda [wrong], and 63% believe that clear evidence of this support has been found [wrong]. Sixty percent of Bush supporters assume that this is also the conclusion of most experts [wrong], and 55% assume, incorrectly, that this was the conclusion of the 9/11 Commission[wrong]. Here again, large majorities of Kerry supporters have exactly opposite perceptions.
[Emphatic "wrongs" added.]

This election really is the Reality-based community versus the Fantasy-based community.

PIPA report found via Matthew Yglesias.


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